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konoha_tree's Journal

Konoha Tree
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This RP takes place when Naruto returns after the timeskip.
Sakura's a medical ninja still under Tsunade's teaching.
Sasuke is with Orichimaru is his... hideout thing.


When replying to a post post in the third person, this is like writing an ordinary story for those of you not familiar with the term.
When replying to a cahracters journal entry you reply in first person like your writing the comment yourself.
Third person posting in the community and first person in your respective journals. Keeps everyone on their toes. xD

They are welcome. Third person can be posted in the community. First person in your character journal, of under a lj cut in the comm if you don't have a journal. Monologues are good if you want us to know something about your characters past, or internal thoughts, of if you just want to write, go ahead and post it. We love to read your work.

AIM isn't required if you don't want to use it. If you have it that is definatly a plus and you can chat with other members that might have it but when you're done please, one of the participants in your chat must write a post explaining what happened if it is significant to the plot or character relationships. If it's all just crack then you can post it in the OOC community for us to read. >x3

To apply for a certain naruto character please check the list of taken characters here. Then post your application here.
To apply for an original character please comment here and fill out the required form.



No Godmoding. What I mean by this, is that you cannot control another person's character without their permission. If you are playing two characters and they are interacting within the same post I allow it in MODERATION. Don't abuse your privelage. I'll have Orichimaru eat you. Grrs.

You cannot have an all powerful character. Even the most powerful characters in Naruto can get hurt, so please play fair. Or I'll beat you fricking senseless.

Also I would like to add that if your character does not know another personally in the series, please do not write as if they have some sort of history (please discuss these things with the other player) This goes especially for Original Characters. The ONLY time I will allow this is if you two have played previously in another forum similar to this one. For example, one of my friends is at a forum where I play Kankuro and she plays Sakura, if she ever decided to bring Sakura here and I know her then it's alright by me. But PLEASE tell me first so I don't yell at you... no one likes feeling stupid. We want to know the history of your characters together at whatever other RP you're at.

Two words: Spell Check

Stay active. Do not sign up, post once or twice, then never return. This is unacceptable. If you are absent for a lenghtly amount of time without notice we can and will give your character to someone else. When you join, you must always try to do your best to keep up with the RP. If you are going to be absent for a length of time, you MUST inform one of the mods or leave an OOC message for everyone to see.
Know whats going on. Please play attention to the other rp's and not just your own. Sometimes certain events are brought up again down the road, and it is best to know whats going on. If you are new, please read though old posts to get an idea of whats happening before you post. If you need help just ask!

Be nice. In no way will we tolerate discrimination to other players. We want you to have fun, not to fight. Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned. No warning.

Remember not all players will know everything thats going on. Use your own judgement. If Anko is eating Dango down the street, then do you really think Chouji is going to know about it? No. Of course not. However, Chouji could certainly come around looking for dango himself and happen to find Anko.

OOC brackets. Please when speaking Out Of Character use brackets. (( like this )) or [[this]]

DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. It is annoying. Unless he's like... SCREAMING CUZ THEN IT MAKES SENSE!!!! OMGWTFBBGNINJUHBOYZ!!! <---Yea... don't do that either. (0_0;)

One lined posts are not acceptable. Must be at least five sentences long. AT LEAST. In comments at least two sentences.

Yaoi/Yuri/Het is no allowed. No offense I don't like reading that stuff (thought Sakura does but she's a freak...*ish shot*). And there are a lot of other people who don't like it either. Sorry.

Crack pairings are allowed and so are love triangles. I know how much everyone loves crack pairings. Feel free to cry with utter joy.

You may play characters who are deseaced, just explain in your application how he/she/haku survived. And make it REALISTIC!! If you're all like, it was so miraculous that they were blown to pieces but could... yea. This goes without saying. If your character was just mauled then no you may not bring them back to life. Or if their deaths are significant to the plot. Unless you make it REEEEEEEALLY interesting to me.

No ooc characters. You must be able to rp them as they are in the show. We all know Sasuke's emo but don't over do it! Don't overdramatize your characters and don't make them suck either. I will personally kill you with a thousand pointy things. NO MARY SUES!!! They scare me... THE HORROR!!!

RP journals, so we know what you're up to.
Yea, RP journals. We want you to have them or be eaten. Rawrs.

NPCs: These are non-player characters, these dudes are allowed as long as they are helping move your story along. Don't go on creating a character out of them. Eventually they will have to leave get killed off. Like if your in a hospital, there ARE going to be nurses and doctors, you certaintly don't heal yourself when your unconcious.

The Max Naruto characters you can play is 3. You're OC counts as one.

In your RP Journal's userinfo please have a link leading here! Advertise! We could use it. x3 I personally don't care what you have in your userinfo as long as it pretains to the characters.

FRIEND THE OTHER MEMBERS! It's always nice to read what they got going on in their journals. Also so you're aware of what they right about you or whatever and such and such. Even the villians. You can't comment on theirs though, only other villians related to them are allowed. Vice versa.

OOC = 'Out of Character'
OC = 'Original Character'
RPG = 'Role Playing Game'
NPC = 'Non-Player Character'

That's it! These rules were modified from konoha_rpg and those modified from leaf_ninja