Uzumaki Naruto (immabehokagefoo) wrote in konoha_tree,
Uzumaki Naruto

Joining: Naruto, Jiraiya, Kabuto, Sasuke
Location: On the path from Cloud to Konoha; passing through rice country
Time: A half day after Naruto and Jiraiya set off for training and home.
Recap: Naruto and Jiraiya had gone on an accompany-mission to cloud, and Naruto had insisted they train on their way home. Jiraiya agreed to it.
Warnings: Likely to have violence and language. PG-13

The night had gone somewhat well for them, all things considered. They only started a total of three shouting matches between dinner and the bath house, the count not including when they were deciding which ramen shop to go to. After a bowl of quite possibly the worst ramen (albiet, it was cheap) Jiraiya ever had, it was far easier for Naruto to convince him to go to the other shop.

The morning had gone a bit better; Naruto was excited, and thus much easier a person to deal with. It was after much bouncing around and cheering and hooting that they finally left, Naruto half-running until he was out of the country borders. It was then that he decided he could actually slow down and train, finally. He waited for Jiraiya to catch up, strolling almost leisurely, and occasionally sending out bunshin to go search the area for.. for something.

He wasnt sure, but he'd heard enough rumors about Sasuke being around here that he couldn't--couldn't not try to find something.

Maybe that was why Jiraiya let him run ahead, he wondered. Normally he would have stopped him. Shaking his head, he glanced off to a side road, heart sinking. This was his chance to look again, but... Sakura. He promised her they could find him together.

Suddenly, violently, he slammed his fist into a nearby tree, hard enough that he was sure his hand was bleeding, and to hear a squirrel startle at either the shake or sound. The pain barely registered, though, as Kyuubi had been quick to heal most anything in record time lately. Frustrated and torm as he was, he would find Sasuke, damnit.

This time, he wouldnt stare up, too weak and confused to do anything but. He'd do as he'd said over two years ago and break both Sasuke's legs and drag him home if he had to. Mind set, he trailed out into the woods and sent bunshin as far as they could go and further, looking for even the slightest sign of life, of his team mate.

It was hours later, traveling with as much vigor as he'd started, that he finally caught sign of something that might help him, and ran excitedly down some absurd path he had to find between trees.
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