Hyuuga Hinata (cuter_hyuuga) wrote in konoha_tree,
Hyuuga Hinata

Something Inside Me

Joining: Kiba, Shino
Location: Small Unknown Country, in the woods
Time: June 23
Recap: Hinata has discovered something lurking in the forest that has startled her to the point of stirring up her teammates, but it's too late as they find out that their opponents are human... [[tying this in with teh other stuff]
Warnings: Violence? Scary...hollow thingys rip-offs?

She got a little flustered as Kiba picked her up but remained on the current matter though it was hard when,


That screamed in her ear. She looked up as his attention returned to her, "What did you see?"

She looked downward, she wasn't sure if she should tell him what she saw. I mean, her face was still pale, and she was already pale as it was! But, when she looked at him again, she couldn't lie to him. Just as much as she could lie to Shino...

"There was...a shinobi...I couldn't tell...what country he was from... but this thing...with no source of any human life signs... but it..." She closed her eyes for a moment wishing she could take the image from her mind, "It took his chakra...everything right out of him... we need to get out of here..." She kept her eyes from Kiba, not wanting to see his expression. But her own quickened heartbeat told her she was afraid.
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