Nara Shikamaru (mendoukse) wrote in konoha_tree,
Nara Shikamaru

I'm not a pervert....

Joining: Open
Location: Shikamaru's House
Time: June 20
Recap: ...I think the title speaks for itself, Shikamaru generally not used to being around Sakura... she's worse than Ino.

"Hai, hai drink up."

She practically shoved the milk and glass cup at him. Hey, she'd left herself totally open to that, he just took the oppurtunity. Not like he'd ever do it again... he wasn't the kind who'd tease a girl like that often. Pouring some and placing the jug on the nightstand next to his bed took a small sip before setting it down. Twirling the glass in his hands he couldn't keep still, thinking for a moment he said sort of oddly quietly, "Thanks..." He glanced away, "For coming...and stuff..." All these "thank you's" in one day was weird. Especially because they were both for girls.
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