Nara Shikamaru (mendoukse) wrote in konoha_tree,
Nara Shikamaru

It's calling me again...

The spirit reeled as the pink girl hit the floor, he may have been solid for a moment but soon disappeared into the scenery like a chameleon camoflauging. There was an echoed laugh throughout the house as a cold climate seemed to grip the entire house.

"Nice try..."

Was all it said before something wrapped itself around the Nara's body yanking it from Sakura. It reappeared again from away from them holding Shikamaru in it's claw.

"So... what should I eat first..? The head...?" It licked Shikamaru's neck until it reached it's cheek then withdrawing licking it's lips. It smirked over to the on lookers with a smug grin.

Shikamaru's eyes flinched as he opened them slightly seeing the monster holding them, then immediatly closed his eyes again. It was barely noticable though if you were paying attention you would've seen it.

"Ja ne bakas..." It finished with a freaky howl disappearing with Shikamaru. Leaving the three nins to themselves to wonder what had happened to their teammate.


About almost an hour later there was a loud shriek that shook the entire house the windows making a loud shake. Shikamaru suddenly fell to the ground crouching and panting like hell, as if he couldn't get enough air in him. He stood up trying to be a man, and not look weak turning around. He looked terrible. Whatever had happened in the past hour must have been horrifying, even though he was hiding it well you could see it in his eyes. He didn't even notice half the floor was missing as he tried to regain his blanced leaning on a wall beam,

"Guess the damned thing was afraid of shadows...."

[[Tags: Sakura, Naruto, Ten Ten]]
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