Yakushi Kabuto (knavish_intent) wrote in konoha_tree,
Yakushi Kabuto

"Sasuke-kun," Kabuto called with a smile, sticking his head into the room where he figured Sasuke to be. He was right. "You didnt show up for training."

His voice carried somewhat of a scold, though more amused than anything. This had been the third day Sasuke had missed in their training; apparently he didnt favor him when Orochimaru was around, though he couldn't really tell. If it was because Orochimaru was the only thing preventing him from constantly cutting Sasuke's tendons or making him internally bleed, he thought that was a rather childish reason of Sasuke.

"Need I remind you Orochimaru-sama left me to train for a reason, Sasuke-kun?"

(Whoo, Sauce interaction. :D)
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