Nara Shikamaru (mendoukse) wrote in konoha_tree,
Nara Shikamaru

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Fast Asleep at the Wheel

"Oi, what are you doing Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru opened one eye to peer at Sakura, "I'm trying to sleep. What's it look like?" He said thinking it was obvious. Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer. It was bad enough his mother had embarassed him. And what was Naruto doing in his room? He was taking forever. He didn't think it took that long to get a shirt and pants and get dressed.

"Sakura-chan! Your hot choclate is done!" Shikamaru's mother called sweetly from the kitchen and then, "And Shikamaru! You better not be sleeping when there's a guest in the house!!!" Shikamaru immediatly snapped to attention sitting up slowly however annoyed. Why?

Why him?
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