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Uzumaki Naruto

Joining: Naruto, Jiraiya, Kabuto, Sasuke
Location: On the path from Cloud to Konoha; passing through rice country
Time: A half day after Naruto and Jiraiya set off for training and home.
Recap: Naruto and Jiraiya had gone on an accompany-mission to cloud, and Naruto had insisted they train on their way home. Jiraiya agreed to it.
Warnings: Likely to have violence and language. PG-13

The night had gone somewhat well for them, all things considered. They only started a total of three shouting matches between dinner and the bath house, the count not including when they were deciding which ramen shop to go to. After a bowl of quite possibly the worst ramen (albiet, it was cheap) Jiraiya ever had, it was far easier for Naruto to convince him to go to the other shop.

The morning had gone a bit better; Naruto was excited, and thus much easier a person to deal with. It was after much bouncing around and cheering and hooting that they finally left, Naruto half-running until he was out of the country borders. It was then that he decided he could actually slow down and train, finally. He waited for Jiraiya to catch up, strolling almost leisurely, and occasionally sending out bunshin to go search the area for.. for something.

He wasnt sure, but he'd heard enough rumors about Sasuke being around here that he couldn't--couldn't not try to find something.

Maybe that was why Jiraiya let him run ahead, he wondered. Normally he would have stopped him. Shaking his head, he glanced off to a side road, heart sinking. This was his chance to look again, but... Sakura. He promised her they could find him together.

Suddenly, violently, he slammed his fist into a nearby tree, hard enough that he was sure his hand was bleeding, and to hear a squirrel startle at either the shake or sound. The pain barely registered, though, as Kyuubi had been quick to heal most anything in record time lately. Frustrated and torm as he was, he would find Sasuke, damnit.

This time, he wouldnt stare up, too weak and confused to do anything but. He'd do as he'd said over two years ago and break both Sasuke's legs and drag him home if he had to. Mind set, he trailed out into the woods and sent bunshin as far as they could go and further, looking for even the slightest sign of life, of his team mate.

It was hours later, traveling with as much vigor as he'd started, that he finally caught sign of something that might help him, and ran excitedly down some absurd path he had to find between trees.
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Kabuto had long since entertained himself with a training session with Sasuke, which he had healed him for, though it didnt seem he was forgiven quite yet. Ah, well, he'd learn to suck it up eventually, if he'd not already within the past two years.

Until then, he was content to occupy himself in the time that Orochimaru was gone. He'd gotten a person to test on, and a whole new line of chemicals that he was curious about. It goes whithout saying that screams of agony echoed throughout the whole of the mansion, which had been what set Naruto off.

By the time the man had died, Kabuto was finished with his tools, and already had them cleaned and wrapped, and everything stored away on his table for observation. The twitching lump of cut and still bleeding flesh that he'd had to walk around was a bit loud for his tastes, but otherwise not out of the normal for what happened when he'd nothing better to do. The only thing that unnerved him was that he'd have to replace the floor mats, which were stained too thickly to wash out; they had been really nice, and he'd killed the woman who made them for him, too.

It was time, he decided, that Sasuke finally pull himself out of his room. "Sasuke-kun," he called, rapping his knuckes on his door. "We seem to have a visitor somewhere on the nearby grounds. I'd like you to go catch them." His tone, normally light and teasing, left no room for arguement.
Sasuke slid the door open, pulling the sleeves of his shirt over his shoulder, and giving the rope about his waist a good tug before nodding.

In silence he slipped past Kabuto, but stopped, looking over his shoulder. "Any idea of who it is?" He knew Kabuto must've known who it was, he could feel the tiny flares of Chakra from his room, and he was somewhat secluded (his room was more twoards the center of the maze of hallways and rooms). The familiar flares of red.


"Not in the slightest," he said, air about him light again, before he started off down the hallway, in a direction opposite where Sasuke was expected to go.

"You should hurry before he gets closer. Orochimaru-sama will be angered if he hears anyone else broke into the household, jinchuuriki or no."

His voice faded as he made his way down the hall.
Sasuke made his way down the hallway, and out of the buliding. His feet padded against the hard ground at speeds a year or two ago he'd never thought possable.

A quick leap into the branches of a nearby tree, and he was set. The Uchiha wasn't one to rush head first into a confrontation, he was more the type to sit back and wait. Wait for an opening, a mistake, a simple miscalculation.

Dark eyes followed down the path where a patch of blonde hair, and much further back...almost questionably behind...was Jiraiya. The elder shinobi had stopped now, his aged eyes coming up from the ground locking with Sasuke's, and leaned against a tree his arms crossed over his chest. This was Naruto's fight. Not his.

Naruto had, at one point or another, slowed to pull off his bag, which now hung by the straps off one arm, and had a sandwich pulled out. If he was going into battle, he was going to do it on a full stomach, was his thought.

In all honesty, the bag had been abandoned some ways back, by where Jiraiya stood now, as Naruto had caught sign of Sasuke's advance towards him. He'd never miss any sign of him, which he'd seemed to be hypersensitive to the past few years.

He took a deep breath to stop himself from locking up, and jumped out from the higher branch of another tree to land a heavy kick to Sasuke's back, just as it became evident to the other that there was too little chakra coming from the one on the ground. Poor at genjutsu as he was, he'd managed to mask kyuubi's flare long enough to get a hit in.

That was more than last time, and he was fairly proud of himself, grin wide. Fangs peeked at the sides of the grin, and eyes started to redden at the edges. Despite him not thinking that he'd actually manage another hit unless it was a surprise, he aimed a punch at Sasuke as he stood.

He found it a lot easier not to freeze up when he was: 1) expecting to find Sasuke; and 2) hitting him.
Sasuke's eyes widened as Naruto's foot actually /connected/ with his back. He'd have to admit he was surprised, beyond words even, this was...levels better than the idiot had done the last time they met. As he made his way to deviate naruto from his path he was expecting the same carping he'd observed at their last encounter. Maybe a pathetic tear or two but-

He surpressed a yelp as he rolled, half due to Naruto's kick and half due to the fact it was a smart move on his behalf, fowards off of the branch landing hard on his feet, wavering under the weight of the fall. As the uchiha managed to find a footing and set himself upright a fist came flying at him.

His hand almost by instinct jolted up from his side, and diverted the punch effectivly, the bottom of his palm coliding with the others wrist sending it to his left. His foot latched about the blonde's ankle ripping his leg rom beneath him, as sasuke ducked off to the side getting out of Naruto's range of motion to avoid any other attacks before he was ready for them.
Almost predictably, for anyone used to his current fighting style, as Sasuke's hit landed, that Naruto popped out of existance. He'd been vicious in his attacks with bunshin in the past, though he'd only gotten more skilled with them over time.

Another attack -- kunai in hand, this time -- was directed at Sasuke's blind side.

Naruto felt in his gut the guilt of being there without Sakura, because he knew it meant a lot to her that they would get Sasuke back together. Regret swept over him, but he'd never let a chance go before... He knew that either way, he was going home with a heavy heart, either over Sasuke or Sakura.

The guilt would have made him faulter if not for the fact that it was another bunshin attacking Sasuke's side at the moment.
Dark eyes flicked over to the oncoming blonde, the sword set across his back produced almost instantly deflecing the kunai. Sasuke ducked and turned keeping momentum as the hilt of the sword was dug deep into Naruto's gut.

Once he was sure the hilt had hit something, anything deep in the others stomach he jerked foward onto his opposite foot sendind a second more forceful blow to the already assualted organs.

Quick, as one would expect the Uchiha to move, he then jumped back leaving a space between them.

"Go home..."

It was stern, but not quite a command. Quiet, but far from faultering.
Naruto coughed into his hand; he'd been directly behind the bunshin, and the attack had hit him hard, as the momentum of falling and the sword mixed. On his palm he found blood, unsurprisingly, which he wiped onto his pants, already somewhat stained from the wound in his stomach.

However, it made it way to heal quickly, the red chakra bubbling over and healing effortlessly. The blow had hit more to his pride, though, and the thoughts of Sakura made him force back Kyuubi best he could.

By then, the cut had only healed enough that it stopped bleeding, and he was sure it would break open if he was to so much as throw a punch.

Still, that didnt stop him from getting to his feet, a hand over his stomach almost precautiously. His smirk was wide, proud, and eyes aglow, even though his blues seemed to have cut pupils. "Like hell, Sasuke. I told you, you're coming back to Konoha."

He remained still, his eyes dull and his face a blank slate, but inside there was a sharp pain prodding at his heart, like stepping on tack...

That damned smile. Sasuke could truthfully say he missed it, but never wanted to see it again, but there it was a tanned face lit up like a wild fire and that smile.

That cocky, sure of himself, idiotic display of his confidence... it justled his insides causing every fiber in his stomach to crawl as if he'd swlallowed maggots.

"We'll see..."
Still looking proud, Naruto took a step forward, holding out the hand not over his stomach as if in offering. "Come on, Sasuke, youre strong. You know it. You can come back."

The words 'if Sasuke didnt know any better, Naruto would sound like he was pleading' could fit, except Sasuke did know him well enough to recoginize the tone. It was asking, it was pleading, though it was far from a pathetic questioning.

His promise to break all of Sasuke's limbs if he had to stood firm as all his beliefs.
Sasuke's eyes came to rest on the outstretched hand, and then back up the those blue eyes he had't seen in so long.

"I'm not done here."

He was on guard as soon as those words left his mouth because time had not managed to fray his memory of just how radical Naruto reacted. That and if he had promised to break his bones he'd do it....or try to.

"Until I'm done your simply wasting your breath and you time by being here. I'm not going back."
At that, he almost, almost looked a little distraught, but instead he just smiled. His eyebrows pinched together the slightest bit, proving it was strained, however little. His hand fell, resting limp against his side, fingers at his kunai pouch, though nowhere close to lifting the tab.

In the pit of his stomach, he could feel Kyuubi coiling, trying to break his nerve more than Sasuke's words and his thoughts of Sakura were. Forcing him back, Naruto took a deep breath, trying to keep calm.

They never used to talk. Fists went farther than words. But Naruto was older, now, and maybe another method would work.

He doubted it would, but it didnt really hurt to think optimistically. Except for when it did, but he wasnt so sure it was the right time to be thinking of such a thing.

Right. Optimism. Alright. Calm. Okay... yeah, he could do this.

"The hell!? What do you mean youre not done?! What else is there to do?!"

It would be a great feat if any person within the next three villages couldnt hear him.
Sasuke winced at the shear volume the idiot felt necessary to state his question, his eyes focusing on the hand by the pouch picking up every minuet detail of his body language and movements.

"I don't have enough power. Not yet."

Dark eyes looked off over the blonde's shoulder at the older man peekng out from behind a tree in the distance. There was no sense in starting a fight if they were being chaperoned...he knew once he'd faught Naruto past a certain point Jiraiya would step in. A thought he wasn't to fond of...

Naruto was also aware of Jiraiya's presence, but he was completely ignoring him, which wasnt really all that uncommon. His hands went up in the air, shaking angrily, so they were no longer threats, though the quick action he believed had opened the cut back up. To hell with it.

And to hell with talking, too. They called Naruto thick skulled? Whoever decided that should have a sit-down with Sasuke.

So, he let kyuubi slip in enough to heal, and to give him enough speed to land a punch straight across Sasuke's face.

It felt much better than he remembered, which brought his mood up some.
Sasuke took the blow to the face stumbling back from the force, but managed to recover rather swiftly his hand twisting to grab the others wrist and jerk him forward onto his extended knee followed by sn elbow slammed down on the back of his head.

It was once said that great ninja spoke more so through fighting then through words and he only hoped that both blows were enough to show where hey stood.

/ I'll go back to konoha, but you'll have to break every bone in my body to get me there./
The knee on his already-hurt stomach was far from comfortable, certainly, but his other hand when it hit on Sasuke's breastbone probably was a bit worse than an itch, more powerful due to the force of him getting tugged towards Sasuke.

He whipped back, pulling himself out of Sasuke's hold, and coughed up more blood, though he didnt have any problem just spitting it to the side this time. Kyuubi'd heal whatever re-happened to his stomach anyway.

Within seconds, bunshin filled the area, and he was hidden among them. They didnt hesitate to go all-out. It was more of a way to bide-time for him to heal and work up some attack or another.
Air was forced from his lungs, a low hiss breaking from his lips as he his lungs struggled for a moment or two to regain it's normal breaths, in place of the sporadic gasps for air.

Sasuke'd dealt with a massive attack, and managed to come out ontop. This time, however, it wasn't so easy. Naruto was always one to fight with his instincts instead of stepping back and thinking things through mid swing. He had little time to recover from one blow, and block the other.
Sasuke, Naruto knew, was fast. He decided to counter it by giving him no time to so much as react, if he could help it. His stomach killed, but he already felt the red chakra molding its way through and around it, which may or may not have been a good thing.

Jiraiya may not have thought he knew just how far Kyuubi went when he got out, though he could take a guess, and had been trying more and more to surpress him over time. Being around Sasuke made it hard, though; the urge to just let go and be assured that Sasuke would be brought back was terrible.

Throwing punch after punch, and having the image brought back to him once the bunshin was destroyed, was satisifying in its own way. Enough to make him force the fox back once again, and force his way into the fray, pushing through his bunshin to deliver a roundhouse kick to Sasuke's side.

Actually punching or kicking the Uchiha was so much more gratifying than any justu could have ever been. Though it would have helped if they'd more space. The trees in rice country were too crowded.
The Uchiha hadn't exactly slowed down over time, bringing his hands up just as quick as the others to palm the blows off to the side. A few landed but he'd managed to dodge most aimed at his face as red slowly inked over his once dark eyes.

He'd lost the small amount of timing the attacks managed to hold, and one or two of the blonde's swings managed to connect and were soon followed by a quick roundhouse directed at his side.

Sasuke wasn't about to watse the time needed for him to duck his hand down and grab the others leg, mostly because it was possible he'd not move fast enough and miss the leg completley. Instead he rolled with the blow managing not to take on as much impact as was intended.

The air around his hand swirled, and bubbled with an electric current. Chakra molded along thin fingers, solidifying into a bright mold of pastel air.

That, of course, looked dangerous that Naruto was tempted to avoid it, but instead he just let more bunshin come at, while he stayed within the mix of them.

Some attacked with weapons, now, because if one Naruto realized that Sasuke's attack looked dangerous, then the rest had, too. Save those in the far back that couldnt see him, but word traveled quickly amongst himself.
In all truth Sasuke was planning to save such a move for much later, it took a lot of chakra and most of the time a good amount of concentration leaving more room for his mind to skip over a small detail or two of his attacker. He'd work out all the kinks by the time he would put it to use, but for now he could do with a good practice run.

"Never bore of bunshin do you." It was more of an amused statement than an actually question and it was indeed entertaining to know the idiot had been away from him for how long? and a majority of his attacks have been...bunshin.

There was no doubt in his mind Naruto had worked with rasengan extensively. He was one to find something useful and simply beef it up until the fact that he really only used two rather effective attacks seemed irrelevant compared to the amount of damaged they cause.

Sasuke over the years they'd been apart had managed to develop a few new tricks, some Orochimaru knew of and helped perfect. Others were his own concoctions that Orochimaru would not have a clue about until the time he saw it useful for the elder to know.

It'd be useful, eventually, but for now he was busy working that sliver of white hot air, and energy to whip across a few of the orange clad bodies massing before him.

"Nope~" chirped a few of the Naruto's surrounding.

With as much chakra as Naruto had stored, it was surprising that he didn't take to many chakra-based jutsu, but he always found grater satisfaction in grappling, anyway.

Somewhere within the depths of the crowd was Naruto, charging one of the few attacks he'd become very partial to, rasengan. He considered using the new variation of it, but he knew damn well that Sakura'd really get mad if he returned with Sasuke dead and his arm shattered again. Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

Charging with a great speed through the crowd, Naruto hoped he got to Sasuke before the other finished his attack. Even being a half-second too late could be deadly in their fights.
The chakra whipped around at the momentum of Sasuke's arm before returning to it's original streight beam of concentrated heat blazing through a line of bunshin. Dark eyes flicked up from the damage of the attack as the white smoke cleared, his nerves already picking up on a much large mass of chakra working it's way remarkibly fast twoards him.

And he paused as /che, rasengan/ ran through his head. There wasn't enough time for him to work up a chidori,and he wasn't about to use it if it were to be used as a reflector. He was using Chidori in this fight, but Naruto was going home a heap of bone and mangled flesh no dissapointed his beloved rasengan was pushed off.

So he waited, not that the wait was long far from it, but when your fighting as fast as the two were used to, waiting was a second. Sasuke took that second to get what he needed done and "waited" as the footsteps and that gust you could feel in your gut as rasengan pulled closer.

He hated that feeling. It felt like his insides were being wrapped around Naruto's hand, or as if the air was being pulled from his lungs to feed the mass sitting in the Uzumaki's palm.

That feeling drove him crazy, and his hand itched. It itched until it burned to just be slammed into the blonde's chest and just sit there. Just to have that idiot hang off of his arm, up to his elbow in orange,and black and just smile.

He really wanted to fuckin smile.
He'd gone more for Sasuke's side rather than straight to his gut; even if it was Sasuke, he didn't have any medics nearby, so he decided to be a little careful, hitting about even with his ribs.

Eyes a glow--Kyuubi had more of a hold than not--he smiled at Sasuke, confident. "You're coming back."

The attack was done as fast as it started, the violent swirl dying out and leaving Naruto's hand pressed heavily to a wound. He stepped back, most of the bunshin around him dying out, though a few kept perched, almost as if they were attempting to protect Naruto. Protect himself.

Which was something he rarely ever did, but bunshin were weird like that.


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