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Rising from the shadows

Joining: Open because Tenten has no one to interact with ;_;
Location: Konoha market place/shopping district
Time: June 20, Midday/afternoon
Recap: After a short visit to Shikamaru's place, Tenten wanders the streets to distract wavering memories.
Warnings: What kind of warning would you need in a shopping district?


"Oiy...what to do?" the weapon specialist mumbled to herself.

The stop at Shikamaru's house had been pleasant but without the presence of her team to fill up the day, Tenten found herself growing restless quickly. Training was nice and all, not to mention ultimately beneficial to both the village and her own squad, but there was only so much a girl could take. For that reason, she hoped that Sakura was serious about the little get together.

Afterall, despite all that had leaked out about the encounter at the Nara household, no one else could really understand what the four of them had been through in those few hours that they had been alone with that...that THING. The wrapped bandages under her clothes would stand as a lingering reminder of it until her shoulder healed completely. But...part of her didn't want to forget...or rather it couldn't.

She had been having a few nightmares...not only of the incident but of other things that it had brought up.

"Maybe I'll run into someone I know in the shopping district." Any form of distraction was better than this anxious void she was feeling at that moment.
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[I'd reply if any of my characters were in leaf currently. D: ILU.]
[I understand. ;_; It's the thought that counts, right? ILU2! <3]
"A-ah, sorry!" The Yamanaka youth cried out, flustered as she bumped into a taller man carrying a tray of goods. The tray clattered to the ground, the products rolling everywhere. The man glared at her and Ino hurried on, nervous.

Okay, so it was a decent day. She had gotten a day off from working at the shop and decided to buy something for her Otouchan to thank him. Just a little something, you know, to get her mind off things. Plus, a little extra. There was a nice top she had been eyeing for months that she wanted to get.

She hadn't seen the others in a while to a point where it was worrying her. Where could they be? She had passed Shikamaru's house a while back and it was crazy like woah. But, it was probably his Okaasan getting all mad at him again.

A familiar face interrupted her thoughts and she waved her arm, trying to catch the other girl's attention.

"TENTEN-SEMPAI!" She called out, cupping her hands to her mouth.
Lost in a perpetual fog of hazy thoughts and notions that floated on the edge of her senses, the kunoichi kept her feet moving. She side-stepped and maneuvering herself around the other pedestrians with the skill that had been learned and perfected with years of practice, watching with a twinge of jealously as they went about their business completely unaware of the impeding doom that lingered in their village.

That was the truth that shinbis were faces with, to function and respond accordingly to any threats that came to their homes so that the citizens could continue to live obliviously to it all. An existence of ignorance, that was the sacrifice that all agents had willingly made to be able to protect the people of their respective villages.


Quickly snapping out the world of mental pondering, Tenten turned around at the call of her name, squinting into the crowd for the source. Platinum blonde locks filled her vision as she spotted Ino waving wildly in an attempt to flag her down. The older girl could only smile at the young Yamanaka's enthusiasm as she waved in return, stopping on the side of the street to wait while Ino caught up.