Uzumaki Naruto (immabehokagefoo) wrote in konoha_tree,
Uzumaki Naruto

"Ero Sennin! Oi, old man, where are you?"

Naruto had just caught word of Shikamaru being hospitalized, though it shouldnt have been a surprise that he was, and decided he would visit... later. Because firstly, he had a perverted old man to find, and his mind was set on the task.

He'd checked every place in town that the old man was--peeping, in bars, some lounging areas--, most of them not legal for him to go into because of age, but he was a shinobi so no one cought him.

He decided to check his little peeping hole once more, by the onsen, and wailed out his name before gritting his teeth.

"I know you're here, you perverted bastard!"
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