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Sometime's it's Better...

Shikamaru was lying down in his room, his ribs wrapped in bandages also across his chest. He had to take some sort of medication or something that Tsunade herself had given him for something and was forbidden by his mother to leave his room on any missions. She'd even talked to Tsunade about it... which he would've paid money to see. But apparently he was out of commission for quite sometime, at least two weeks is wht Tsunade said. Then she had to go and make that serious expression, as if he wouldn't see it. He staredup at his ceiling with a quite serious expression on his face, trying to figure out just what that look entailed. He closed his eyes and thought for a bit about what had happened and what he'd discovered... shit... why always him? You know, he wouldn't be a damned bit surprised if that thing had been a girl.

How troublesome....

He sighed frowning a bit, he was for once... bored... most of the time Chouji or even Ino would come along and disturb him or something. One of the few times Shikamaru ever felt lonley, the only other time that had happened was when Chouji almost... well, there was no point in thinking about that. With a large, slightly exaggerated sigh he said, "Mendoukse...! Dammit! I can't even play Shougi with Asuma-sensei. Or even watch the fricking clouds from here." He rolled over pulling the covers over him. Then he'd at least sleep if no one was going to visit him dammit.

Now that he thought about it this was one of the few times Shikamaru wanted someone to visit him.


[[ooc: oh yea, everyone would have heard what happened eventually anyways. D: Think of this as a timeskip thingar. laziest mod ever guys]]
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