Nara Shikamaru (mendoukse) wrote in konoha_tree,
Nara Shikamaru

Nightmare in a Storm

"Do you by any chance have a flashlight with you, Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru shook gus head, "No I don't... it's upstairs..." He added the last part dully. That was stupid.

"Not funny, I'll check it out."

"Well Shikamaru cooould be right, but you know there are signs to tell. Good luck!"

Shikamaru sighed, they were both afraid. They couldn't hide it from him, thinking it was troublesome he went and patted Naruto on the shoulder barely able to see the blonde figure, "I'll do it Naruto. Usually hokage's send ANBU out first anyway." He smirked, not that Naruto could see it. He walked into the kitchen unafraid and bored when he looked around...

Nothing was touched

Okay... well... that unnerved him. But that was no reason to be-- CREEEEEEAAAK... His head whirled around to see something looming in the door way. He wasn't stupid, he ran out of that damned kitchen closing that double doors it had his eyes purely panic. He put chairs in front of the doors, okay, maybe a bit irrational for a ninja but come on! He was only human!

Then walking over a purely blank but even so wide eyed expression said, "Y-y-you're turn..." He stuttered shakily as he sat behind Sakura.

Bad sign.
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